HS 65-Series Strapping Machine

When we first introduced our HS 65 high speed strapping machine, we knew we had a real winner on our hands. It’s been nearly two years since its release and, frankly, even we’ve been surprised at how well it preforms. Fast reliable, durable, economical and easy to operate are all adjectives that describe the HS65.

Suitable for a wide range of general purpose and specialty strapping applications from bundles or boxes of paper & printed materials, to aluminum and steel extrusions, wood flooring and much, much, more.

HS 65’s use low cost embossed polypropylene strap 5mm to 1/2″ and are available in a wide range of arch sizes to suit your application. Our HS65 is CSA inspected so you can be certain that it’s safe for you and your employees to use.

We believe that you’ll be as impressed with the HS65 as we are. But don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself, bring some of your packages to our show room and strap them up or call us and we will pick up your samples and return them to you strapped. Call us and arrange to see the HS65 in action. 800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040.

HS65 Automatic Strapping Machine

Rotary Stretch Wrapper

Typically most stretch wrapping applications are performed using the more traditional low or high profile turn-table wrappers. But there are some applications where the traditional turn-table machines are not the right solution for the application. In these applications a rotary arm wrapper; which rotates the film carriage around a stationary load as opposed to the load being rotated on a turn-table

Why a rotary stretch wrapper may be better suited to handle your stretch wrapping application can depend on a number of different factors ranging from load size to floor space.

Reason to Use a Rotary Wrapper:

  • Load Type – Fragile and unstable loads that could fall apart when rotated on a turntable are better suited for a rotary wrapper.
  • Floor Space Configuration – If you have limited floor space a rotary wrapper may be the solution you’re looking for (rotary wrappers generally have a more compact foot print than turn-table models making them the ideal choice when floor space is at a premium).
  • Speed Requirements – If you need higher throughput speeds a rotary wrapper can offer advantages over turn-table models due to the fact loads do not need to be rotated at high speeds in order to complete the wrap cycles
  • Load Weight – With turn-table model wrappers there is a weight limit on what a turn-table can withstand, typically in the 4,000 to 6,000 lb range. With a rotary arm the only weight limit you have is the floor which the load sits on.

Orion RTA Rotary Stretch Wrapper

Mosca KSR Spare Parts

Do you have Mosca model KSR strapping heads in your operation? If so you’ll want to read this.

Effective immediately we will be stocking parts for the Mosca model KSR strapping heads in our service trucks. Whether you’re looking for on-site service and repair or a complete in-shop rebuild, our professional technicians can now look after you. If you have multiple shifts and need to keep your lines running call us for 24/7 service.

Prefer to do your own repairs? No problem. Contact us to purchase your KSR spare parts. We’ll save you money.

For all of the details give us a call at (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040. Our Manager of Technical Services Mr. Shawn Gale, will gladly answer any questions you may have

Mosca KSR2 Spare Parts