Pre-Stretch Carriage Performance

Most stretch wrap machines built today feature film “pre-stretch” as part of their film carriage design. Every OEM builds their carriage to deliver a specific amount of film pre-stretch. When working properly, pre-stretch will significantly reduce stretch wrap cost, improve load integrity and reduce damage claims.

Few customers realize that their wrappers pre-stretch performance can diminish over time. Many have no idea how to measure the percentage of pre-stretch they’re getting or what impact poor pre-stretch has on their packaging costs. The following graphic is provided to highlight this point by comparing different film savings at different levels of pre-stretch.

Strech Film Comparison

For example, if your wrapper came from the factory with 225% pre-stretch and it’s in good working order, then for every roll of stretch wrap purchased you should expect to get an equivalent of 3.25 rolls on your pallets. If your film cost is $45.00 per roll, then 3.25 rolls = $146.25. That’s a huge savings of over $100! However, to reap these rewards, your wrapper needs to be working properly and achieving optimal pre-stretch.

Worn rollers, links, bearings etc. can all have a negative effect on the pre-stretch level. We often see machines capable of 225% only delivering 150% pre-stretch. In this case, film yield tumbles from 3.25rolls to 2.5 rolls – that’s a significant loss. Using the $45.00 cost per roll mentioned earlier, a 3/4 roll yield loss equates to $33.75 ($45 x 0.75). To put it in perspective, imagine that for every roll of wrap purchased at $45.00 you pay an additional $33.75. On a 40 roll skid that’s $1,350 lost! If you use a skid of film each month, in a year that’s $16,000! With savings you could afford to buy a new wrapping machine… every year. In an era when purchasers are under pressure to drive down the price on stretch wrap by pennies per roll, there’s a hidden treasure to be had by simply managing and maintaining proper film pre-stretch.

Call us for a FREE onsite wrapper pre-stretch performance assessment by our Manager of Technical Services, Mr. Shawn Gale. Shawn will measure your wrappers pre-stretch performance and gather some basic information. PPI will send you a comprehensive report including our observations and recommendations on how to reduce your wrap costs. Call us now – toll free (800) 665-4040 or 905-507-4040.

What is Cord Strapping?

What is cord strapping? Commonly referred to by names such as polyester strapping, nylon strapping, fabric strapping and even the generic plastic strapping, but cord strapping differs from all these other straps by it’s own unique characteristics.

Cord strap is made from a high tenacity industrial polyester yarn that is held together by hot melt glue either in a woven or uniline pattern. This combination creates two important characteristics that differentiate cord from other strapping a) low elongation b) memory retention that acts like a big rubber band when your product encounters sudden shock from abrupt movements.

There are three common types of cord strapping available:

Bonded Cord:

Bonded Cord Strapping

A woven pattern of polyester filaments that are held together with hot melt glue that result in a low elongation high strength alternative to some steel and polypropylene strapping applications.

Composite Cord:

Composite Cord Strapping

A more recent development in cord strapping. Composite is made up of high tenacity polyester filaments that are embedded in a very strong polymer coating. This new combination creates an even stronger cord than traditional woven and bonded cord while still retaining the same low elongation and memory retention.

Applied with inexpensive tools, light weight cord strapping is available in 1/2″ and 3/4″ widths offers a quick and easy alternative to other forms of strapping when securing loads. For more on cord strapping contact PPI at (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040.

Shrink Packaging Equipment

In response to customer demand, PPI is pleased to announce that we now offer a range of shrink packaging solutions.

Whether its polyethylene film for bundling or polyolefin film for retail-ready display packaging, we have consumable products to suit your application. In the market for quality machinery or spare parts? We have them too. If you need top-level equipment service, look no further than PPI. We repair Clamco, Damark, Shanklin and more. Perhaps you’d like some advice on how to maximize the productivity of your existing process.

Clamco Shrink Wrapper

Whatever the situation, call us at (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040. Let’s talk about your needs and how to reduce your costs & increase your profits.