HS 65S-Side Seal Stainless Steel

The PPI HS 65S-Side Seal wash down machine is ideal for harsh working environments, such as meat, poultry and marine food processing. The machine includes a stainless steel frame and rust resistant/corrosion resistant parts. The waterproof design is suitable for water and wash down spray. Machines available for 5 & 6, 9 or 12mm strap.

Features & Benefits

  • Water Proof Design (ideal for wash down spray, IP54 Rated Enclosure)
  • Quick release Strap Guides (allows for quick and easy cleaning without the need for tools)
  • Downward Tension Force (reliable and consistent tension & seal)
  • Compact & Robust Strapping Head (fewer parts to reduce overall maintenance costs)
  • Strap Dispenser with Ergonomic Design (easy for workers to load strap coils without having to bend over)

If you’re looking for a high speed (up to 60 strap’s per minute) stainless steel wash down machine that’s robust and reliable in harsh working environments, look no further than PPI’s HS 65S- Side Seal.

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HS65 Stainless Steel Side Seal