S Pattern Film Carriage

The innovative new S Series carriage is now available as an option on most models of Orion stretch wrappers.

First unveiled at PackExpo in Chicago last November, the S Series is the first OEM film carriage to combine the safety of drop-in style film loading with the economy & performance of “S” pattern film threading. Film loading is safe and easy…simply pull the loose film end across the open carriage and drop it in. Closing the door routes the film automatically through the powered rollers in an “S” pattern.

The “S” arrangement minimizes the stretch gap between rollers and greatly reduces “neck-down” (the narrowing of the film width). It also increases the film-to-roll contact area which helps maintain good pre-stretch even as the rollers wear. The result is better film yield and cost savings.

For details, call us at (905) 507-4040 or toll free (800) 665-4040 and ask to speak with Mr. Shawn Gale, Manager of Technical Services, who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

S Pattern Carriage