8 Features in a New Stretch Wrapper

1) Safety Load Carriage: Why is this important?

  • Easy to safely load new rolls of stretch wrap.
  • Safely keeps operators hands away from moving powered rollers.

2) PLC Control: Why is this important?

  • Easy to change machine program if and when required.
  • Eommercially available and less expensive to replace than OEM PC control boards.

3) 63″ Diameter Turntable: Why is this important?

  • Easier for operators to load skids on to the turntable.
  • Less chance of skids overhanging turntable and rubbing on the machine surround skirt.
  • Will accept a 55″ square skid.

4) VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Motors: Why is this important?

  • Reduces electricity costs through more efficient operation.
  • Reduces maintenance costs (No brushes to replace).
  • Improves machine performance.

5) Belt Drive Pre-Stretch Carriage Lift System: Why is this important?

  • Smooth quiet operation with a safety brake system.
  • No lubrication and chain sprocket meshing issues to deal with.
  • Reduces normal maintenance costs.

6) Variable Speed Turntable (Soft Start): Why is this important?

  • Helps to maintain load stability during wrap cycle.
  • Increased productivity due to higher rotational speed.
  • Reduces costs per wrapped skid.

7) No 1st Rotation Wrap Force: Why is this important?

  • The operator does not have to fasten the stretch wrap to the skid. Just requires tucking the wrap under a box or strap. When the first wrap is completed the wrap force automatically changes to the pre-set amount.

8) Turntable Weight Capacity Specifications and Design: Why is this important?

  • Poor design is a major reason for downtime and increased maintenance costs.
  • When loading with walkies and extended walkies placement of the support caster system is extremely important to reduce maintenance costs.

If increased productivity, safety and reduced maintenance costs are important to your operation we can help you in selecting the right stretch wrapper. Give us a call for a no-charge assessment before you make a purchasing decision. (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040