Orion CTS: Achieve Less With More

In order to maximize profits and remain competitive, most organizations are asking this question today, “How can we achieve more with less?” For operations managers, this typically means achieving more production using less resources whether they be manpower, floor space, capital investment, maintenance, etc. When it comes to stretch wrapping systems, if you want to do more with less then the Orion Flex Automatic Stretch Wrapper deserves a look.

With the CST, a single operator can load, wrap and retrieve pallets without ever having to leave their forklift. And, because pallets automatically shift off of the turntable once they’re wrapped, minimum handling is required.

Is limited space a challenge? The CTS’s extremely small foot print lets it fit just about any floor plan. Could you benefit from automation but don’t have the budget for a fully automatic line, the CTS is a more affordable option. Combined with an operating lease for off balance sheet financing, the CTS could be your answer to achieving more with less.

Want to know more about the CTS? Interested in other ways of making your operation more productive? We’d be happy to help. Call our industrial sales and engineering department at (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040.

Orion CTS Pallet Stretch Wrapper