Air Bags

PPI Air Dunnage Bags eliminate voids, prevent shifting and abrasion for all types of shipments in containers, railcars and over the road trailers.

Dunnage Bags


Dunnage (Air) Bags for cargo containment and loss prevention due to pallets shifting and falling over during transportation, place the bags in between the gaps in the pallets and simply inflate thus eliminating any space and potential shifting problems.

  • Inflatable dunnage is economical – saves time, labour and materials
  • Prevents damage in tailgate area
  • Safe and trouble free – lightweight and easy to use
  • Expedites shipping – no need for special damage-free truck trailers
  • Inflatable dunnage can be easily removed
  • Fewer freight claims and less paperwork because cargo arrives in good condition
  • Safer because there’s no hazardous lumber or nails to remove