Orion – S Pattern Film Carriage

Article 01.08.14

First S pattern prestretch stretch film carriage with "drop in" film threading for safe and easy film roll change overs
S Pattern advantages.

ABB Robotics – Your Competitive Advantage

Article 01.08.14

Robots have the power to increase productivity and reduce labour costs, but can they actually create a competitive advantage for your business? Click here to see your the ABB competitive advantage.

HS 65S-Stainless Steel Strapping Machine

Article 02.08.14

The PPI HS 65S-Side Seal wash down machine is ideal for harsh working environments, such as meat, poultry and marine food processing. The machine includes a stainless steel frame and rust resistant/corrosion resistant parts. The waterproof design is suitable for water and wash down spray. Click here to see the benefits of the HS 65S-Side Seal.

ABB Robotics Press Release

Article 01.05.14

As part of our continuing efforts to help customers increase productivity, lower labour costs and create more consistent processes, we are pleased to now be offering robot products & automation solutions as a “Value Provider” for ABB Robotics. Click here to see the official ABB press release.

Stretch Wrapper Pre-Stretch Performance

Article 01.02.13

Most stretch wrapper have what is called “pre-stretch” as part of the carriage. Each manufacturer sells their equipment with a specified amount of pre-stretch, however most customers have no idea how to measure it and what it means to their packaging costs.Pre-Stretch Performance Article…

What is Cord Strapping?

Article 02.02.13

What is cord strapping? Commonly referred to by names such as polyester strapping, nylon strapping, fabric strapping and even the generic plastic strapping, but cord strapping differs from all these other straps by it’s own unique characteristics. What is Cord Strapping? Article…

Now Offering Shrink Packaging Solutions!

Article 03.02.13

In response to customer demand, PPI is pleased to announce that we now offer a range of shrink packaging solutions. Shrink Packaging Solutions Article…

We’re Upgrading our Service Vehicles

Article 01.12.12

PPI is proud to announce that we’re upgrading our fleet of service vehicles to the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter New PPI Service Sprinter Van Article…

Orion “S” Series Pallet Wrappers

Article 02.12.12

PPI is proud to announce the new standard “S” series pallet wrappers from Orion The Orion S Series Wrapper Article…

Is Leasing the Right Option for You?

Article 01.11.12

We continue to believe that in the right situation leasing can provide for the installation of new, more productive and safer equipment which will reduce costs through higher productivity, lower maintenance and equipment worker safety Leasing New Packaging Equipment Article…

B1000 Pulling up to 1125 lbs of Tension

Article 02.11.12

PPI introduces the latest member of the B-Series battery operated strapping tools, the B-1000 B-1000 Battery Tool Article…

Shrink Film and Stretch Film – What’s the Difference?

Article 03.11.12

Stretch wrap and shrink film, two packaging materials that are commonly used but often confused Stretch Wrap & Shrink Film Article…

How to Reduce Your Wrapper Maintenance Costs

Article 01.09.12

If you have a low profile wrapper with a ramp and load skids with walkies, extended walkies, pallet jacks and even fork lifts, here is a tip Reduce Your Wrapper Costs Article…

No More Need to Worry: Symmetrical Sealers

Article 02.09.12

Now the new PPI-430 has been designed using a more efficient and user friendly symmetrical jaw design PPI-430 Symmetrical Sealer Article…

PET or PP – Which is Right for You?

Article 03.09.12

These two polymers have different mechanical properties which gives them very different performance characteristics. Knowing which type of strap to choose will reduce the risk of product damage and worker injury, as well as save you money PET or PP What’s Right For You Article…

Do You Have a Spare Parts Strategy?

Article 01.07.12

In a large operation, downtime can be expensive. Good preventative maintenance can significantly reduce unplanned downtime but even the best cared-for equipment can breakdown Spare Parts Strategy Article…

Need To Increase Your Productivity?

Article 02.07.12

The cost to automate your wrapping needs can be a barrier to increasing your productivity, but with reliable used machinery from PPI this barrier can be removed Reliable Used Equipment Article…

Why You Should Switch To The B-800

Article 03.07.12

The B-800 friction-weld battery tool for use with both polyester and polypropylene strapping can offer significant benefits and cost savings to your strapping application B-800 Battery Tool

Buyer Beware: Used Equipment

Article 01.06.12

When it comes time to purchase a strapping or stretch wrapping machine, some buyers look for used equipment. Usually, the rational is … “Why pay for a brand new machine when you can get a used one for a fraction of the price?” Beware of Use Equipment Article…

Watching Your Weight?

Article 02.06.12

Did you know that PPI services and sells weigh scales? Our technicians are factory trained by Rice Lake in the U.S, to install and service a wide range of weigh scales and load cells Weigh Scales Article…

Cutting Corners?

Article 03.06.12

CornerTuff™, Edge Board, Angle Board, Corner Guard, which ever name you call it, Edge Protection is an important part of your shipping solution CornerTuff™ Edge Protection Article…

High Performance Stretch Films Costing You Money?

Article 01.05.12

High performance stretch films continue to take a larger share of the stretch film market and are usually sold on the basis of reducing customer costs. In many cases this is true, however buyer beware when making the switch to these films Performance Stretch Films Article…

Get Your Brand Out There With Printed Seals

Article 02.05.12

We all know and recognize the famous Nike Swoosh and Coca-Cola Bottle. These are iconic companies and images. Their unique identities differentiate them from their competitors and are forever etched in our minds Printed Strap Seals Article…

Can We Achieve More with Less?

Article 03.05.12

In order to maximize profits and remain competitive, most organizations are asking this question today, “How can we achieve more with less?” Maximize Profits Article…

HS-65 High Speed Strapping Machine

Article 01.04.12

When we first introduced our HS 65-Series high speed strapping machine, we knew we had a real winner on our hands. It’s been nearly two years since its release and, frankly, even we’ve been surprised at how well it performs New HS 65-Series Article…

Why a Rotary Wrapper Makes Sense for You

Article 02.04.12

Why a rotary stretch wrapper may be better suited to handle your stretch wrapping application can depend on a number of different factors ranging from load size to floor space Rotary Stretch Wrapper Article…

Mosca KSR Parts Now Available

Article 03.04.12

Effective immediately we will be stocking parts for the Mosca model KSR strapping heads in our service trucks Mosca KSR Strapping Parts Article…

8 Features to Look for in a New Wrapper

Article 01.03.12

When looking for a new stretch wrapper, keep in to mind the following 8 features Finding the Right Stretch Wrapper Article…

Taping Made Easy: USA-2024

Article 02.03.12

PPI’s USA-2024 Side Belt Drive tape machines are an ideal solution for a wide range of taping applications. Easily adjustable, operator fed and capable of taping various box sizes, allows you to increase your productivity and reduce your costs USA-2024 Tape Machine Article…

Electrical Hazards – be safe, not sorry

Article 03.03.12

Electricity, it’s a common and potentially hazardous source of energy found in the workplace. Shock is the most obvious hazard associated with electricity, but serious injury or death can also result from exposure to arc flash and arc blast Electrical Hazards Article