S Pattern Film Carriage

The innovative new S Series carriage is now available as an option on most models of Orion stretch wrappers.

First unveiled at PackExpo in Chicago last November, the S Series is the first OEM film carriage to combine the safety of drop-in style film loading with the economy & performance of “S” pattern film threading. Film loading is safe and easy…simply pull the loose film end across the open carriage and drop it in. Closing the door routes the film automatically through the powered rollers in an “S” pattern.

The “S” arrangement minimizes the stretch gap between rollers and greatly reduces “neck-down” (the narrowing of the film width). It also increases the film-to-roll contact area which helps maintain good pre-stretch even as the rollers wear. The result is better film yield and cost savings.

For details, call us at (905) 507-4040 or toll free (800) 665-4040 and ask to speak with Mr. Shawn Gale, Manager of Technical Services, who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

S Pattern Carriage

HS 65S-Side Seal Stainless Steel

The PPI HS 65S-Side Seal wash down machine is ideal for harsh working environments, such as meat, poultry and marine food processing. The machine includes a stainless steel frame and rust resistant/corrosion resistant parts. The waterproof design is suitable for water and wash down spray. Machines available for 5 & 6, 9 or 12mm strap.

Features & Benefits

  • Water Proof Design (ideal for wash down spray, IP54 Rated Enclosure)
  • Quick release Strap Guides (allows for quick and easy cleaning without the need for tools)
  • Downward Tension Force (reliable and consistent tension & seal)
  • Compact & Robust Strapping Head (fewer parts to reduce overall maintenance costs)
  • Strap Dispenser with Ergonomic Design (easy for workers to load strap coils without having to bend over)

If you’re looking for a high speed (up to 60 strap’s per minute) stainless steel wash down machine that’s robust and reliable in harsh working environments, look no further than PPI’s HS 65S- Side Seal.

If you have a question or would like to speak with one of our Technical Service or Engineering Professionals about your application please contact us

HS65 Stainless Steel Side Seal

ABB – Competitive Advantage

Robots have the power to increase productivity and reduce labour costs, but can they actually create a competitive advantage for your business?

In highly automated industries, like automotive and electronics manufacturing, robots have greatly improved costs and efficiencies. But robot technology is now so common in these environments it is no longer a competitive advantage but a competitive requirement. Robots are simply "a cost of doing business" in these industries.

Industries where automation lags, however, are where robotics can make a real difference. For companies in these industries, even a modest investment in basic robot technology can provide a real competitive advantage. The prospect of "game changing" technology is especially appealing for small & medium enterprises (SME’s) with limited capital trying to compete against larger rivals.

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ABB IRD 260 Robot