CornerTuff™ Edge Protection

CornerTuff, Edge Board, Angle Board, Corner Guard, which ever name you call it, Edge Protection is an important part of your shipping solution. Every time product is handled, it’s at risk of damage. CornerTuff, used with strapping or stretch film, helps create a tight, secure load and prevent damage during handling and shipping.

Benefits of CornerTuff:

  • Improves load stability in storage and during shipment
  • Delivers additional support for pallets that are being double stacked
  • Eliminates load shifting
  • Prevents load damage due to excess strap and wrap tension
  • Less loads rejected due to damage equals more customer satisfaction
  • Adding CornerTuff with CornerWrap to your shipments means that they arrive with a professional “first class” appearance

PPI offers a wide range of CornerTuff lengths and gauges to meet your shipping needs. Call us today at (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040 so we can help you make the right choice for your application.