Packaging Equipment Leasing

In previous PPI newsletters we have written about some of the advantages of equipment leasing. We continue to believe that in the right situation leasing can provide for the installation of new, more productive and safer equipment which will reduce costs through higher productivity, lower maintenance and improved worker safety. If you are using older equipment where repair costs are increasing, productivity is dropping and worker safety is being compromised then a lease may be the answer. We have recently seen a spike in customers and prospects asking about PSR Health and Safety Reviews because of a Ministry push to protect workers from having to use older unsafe equipment. In many cases the cost to upgrade old equipment, to the new standard, is cost prohibitive.

To assist those visiting our revised web site we now have a leasing page where you can enter various equipment amounts and time periods to see what the costs of leasing would be. You will probably find that the lease cost will be less than the monthly savings from leasing new, more productive equipment. The difference will flow right to the bottom line. We encourage you to check out our equipment leasing page.