Fully-Automatic High Speed Strapping Machine

Precision Engineering:

The PPI HS 65A-Series is a fully-automatic, high speed, PLC controlled, arch-type strapping machine. Comes with belt-drive package transfer and optional compression platen. Application examples include: corrugated cases, linens & uniforms, magazines & newsprint, etc. Machines available for 5, 6, 9mm strap.


  • Can be fully integrated with power conveyors and other equipment to create a truly automated production line.
  • Durable and reliable, this machine requires very little maintenance.
  • Uses low-cost polypropylene strap.

HS 65A Strapping Machine


HS 65A Strapping Machine Mechanical Head

The compact HS 65A-Series strapping head has no belts, clutches or pulleys. It is designed with up-to-date technology with fewer moving parts. 30% fewer parts requires fewer adjustments and fewer wear components requiring less maintenance.

HS 65A Strapping Machine Strap Guide

Hinged top plate makes easy access to the strapping head for quick maintenance. Quick and free access to the strap guides without the use of tools, the most maintenance-friendly design.

HS 65A Strapping Machine Auto Feed

The HS 65A-Series is designed with a waist-high auto strap feeding. feed the strap automatically from the upper side of the coil without the need to access the bottom of the machine.

Additional Features

  • Safety Guards
  • Hinged Top Plates
  • Patented Jammed Strap Ejection Device
  • Multi Strap Function for Single, Double, Continuous Strapping or Transit Mode
  • Single Foot Bar

Technical Specs:

  • Strap Width: 5mm, 6mm and 9mm
  • Strap Tension: 1kg – 35kg
  • Table Height: 880mm W – 970mm H
  • Standard Arch: 500mm W x 650mm H

Available in Other Sizes

  • Speed 35 Packages per min.
  • Power Supply: 110V, 220V 50/60Hz 1ph


  • Siemans PLC
  • Light Tree Alarm (Triple Lamp)

HS 65A-Series Brochure  HS 65A-Series Brochure