Orion S Series Pallet Wrapper

PPI is proud to announce the new standard “S” series from Orion. The new High Profile Standard (HPS) and Low Profile Standard (LPS) are the latest additions to the already successful Flex Series of pallet wrappers.

“S” Series wrappers are designed to offer the same durability, reliability and performance as the rest of the Flex Series machines, yet at an even more affordable price. If you are looking for a wrapper at an attractive price point then this is the series for you. The “S” Series also comes with the same proven InstaThread™ film carriage to provide consistent film tension for better load stability, economy and safety.

Contact PPI at (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040 and let our in-house team of engineers and technicians determine if the “S” Series pallet wrappers are the right machines to help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

Orion HPS Pallet Stretch Wrapper