Low Profile Turntable Semi-Automatic Wrapper

Precision Engineering:

Is ideal for those customers who…

  • Use a mix of pump trucks, walkies and fork lifts.
  • Need a higher level of durability than an entry–level turntable machine.
  • Want the ability to quickly relocate the machine.
  • Want to wrap loads weighing up to 5,000 lbs.

Orion LPD Stretch Wrapper


Orion LPD Base

Flex LPD features a heavy duty steel base with structural fork tubes that run the length of the machine. Turntable support provided by specially designed casters.

Orion LPD Carriage

Insta-Thread™ with standard pre-stretch rate of 260% not only helps reduce film costs on every load you wrap, but the film on the load will be stronger, so loads are more secure.

Orion LPD Carriage

The LPD Flex uses an industrial grade woven belt carriage lift for long service life and reliability. The “drop lock” system prevents carriage movement in the unlikely event of belt breakage.

Additional Features

  • 15 RPM Variable Speed with “soft-start”
  • Full Surround Deck Protects Turntable
  • Easy to Load Film from Side
  • 63” Diameter Turntable for loads up to 55” x 55”
  • AC/VFD Motors Reduce Maintenance
  • Forklift Portable from Front and Rear
  • DuraGlide Support Bearings for Quiet & Reliable Operation

Technical Specs:

  • Machine Dimensions: 100”L x 68”W x 89”H
  • Maximum Load Dimensions: 55”L x 55”W x 80”H
  • Maximum Load Weight: 5,000 lbs
  • Film Pre-Stretch: 260%
  • Power Supply: 110V, 1ph, 60hz


  • Loading Ramp
  • Automatic Film Severance – InstaCut™
  • 6,000 lb Turntable Capacity
  • Precision Ring Bearing Support
  • Tower Extension

Orion LPD Brochure  Flex LPD Brochure