Standard Rotary Tower Automatic Wrapper

Precision Engineering:

Is ideal for those customers who…

  • Have high productivity/throughput requirements.
  • Have light or unstable loads.
  • Want to wrap loads weighing up to 4,500lbs.

Orion MAST Rotary Stretch Wrapper


Orion MAST Carriage

Insta-Thread™ with standard pre-stretch rate of 260% not only helps reduce film costs on every load you wrap, but the film on the load will be stronger, so loads are more secure

Orion MAST Tail System

The new film tail treatment system features an innovative asymmetrical film clamp that grips the film while the impulse hot wire cuts the film. Then, the load-seeking pneumatically actuated brush smooths and secures the film tail to the side of the load.

Orion MAST Drive

The MA-DX features a durable chain and sprocket tower drive system with a precision ring bearing to provide for durable and reliable operation. The dry-lube chain requires little maintenance as compared to direct drive “tooth to tooth” direct gear drives which require constant greasing.

Additional Features

  • Full Enclosed Slip Ring Assembly
  • Single Leg or 2 Leg Gantry frame
  • 12 RPM Rotary Arm
  • AB MicroLogix PLC Controller
  • Precision Ring Bearing with ANSI Chain/Sprocket Drive
  • AC Variable Frequency Drive
  • Automatically Adjusts for Various Load Heights

Technical Specs:

  • Machine Dimensions: 293”L x 145”W x 130”H
  • Maximum Load Dimensions: 48” x 48”
  • Maximum Wrap Height: 80”
  • Minimum Load Height: 15”
  • Maximum Load Weight: 4,500 lbs
  • Film Pre-Stretch: 260%
  • Power Supply: 480V, 3ph, 60hz


  • 6,000 lbs Load Capacity
  • 110” Load Height
  • 30” Insta-Thread™ Film Carriage

Orion MAST Brochure  MA-ST Brochure