Rotary Automatic Wrapper

Precision Engineering:

Is ideal for those customers who…

  • Use a mix of pump trucks, walkies and fork lifts.
  • Want to wrap very light, heavy or unstable loads.
  • Want to integrate an existing floor scale with a wrapper.
  • Need to do frequent cleaning/floor washdown.
  • Want to reduce/eliminate the need for operators to leave their vehicle.

Orion RTA Rotary Stretch Wrapper


Orion RTA End of Wrap

At the end of the wrapping cycle, an innovative asymmetrical film clamp grips the film while the impulse wire cuts the film. The load seeking brush then presses the film tail to the side of the load.

Orion RTA Drive

Tower support and drive is supplied by a precision ring bearing driven by heavy duty chain for maximum reliability in the toughest industrial conditions. RevoLogic™ provides precise wrap counting and home positioning.

Orion RTA Touch Screen

A versatile HMI control panel with touch screen display guides users through a range of menu items for easy adjustment of operating parameters. Settings can be password protected for added security.

Additional Features

  • 16 RPM Variable Speed Tower
  • No Maximum Load Capacity
  • Automatic Film Tail Attach/Cut/Press
  • Start Cycle with Hanging Lanyard
  • Floor Mounted Control Panel for Flexibility
  • Precision Ring Bearing Drive Systems
  • Heavy Duty Chain and Sprocket Drive
  • Tower Mounted Obstacle Sensing System
  • AC/VFD Motors for Reduced Maintenance

Technical Specs:

  • Maximum Load Dimensions: 48”L x 48”W x 80”H
  • Film Pre-Stretch: 260%
  • Power Supply: 115V, 1ph, 60hz


  • 30” InstaThread™ Film Carriage
  • Tall Load Option
  • Large Load Options
  • Second Leg Gantry Style Frame

Orion RTA Brochure  Flex RTA Brochure