Rotary Deluxe Semi-Automatic Wrapper

Precision Engineering:

Is ideal for those customers who…

  • Need speed in a cost-effective package.
  • Use a mix of pump trucks, walkies and fork lifts.
  • Want to wrap very light, heavy or unstable loads.
  • Want to integrate an existing floor scale with a wrapper.
  • Need to do frequent cleaning/floor washing.

Orion RTD Rotary Stretch Wrapper


Orion RTD Touch Screen

The Flex RTD uses a durable operator touch panel to allow easy programming of common settings. advanced programming functions are password protected.

Orion RTD Carriage Cover

Every RTD comes with graphic instructions on top of the carriage to guide the operator through the film threading process for quick an convenient roll replacement.

Orion RTD Control Panel

State-of-the-art control panel with its clean and simple interface on the outside to its sophisticated programmable logic control and AC variable frequency drives inside, every aspect of the control panel has been designed to maximize reliability and ease of use.

Additional Features

  • 16 RPM Variable Speed Tower
  • No Maximum Load Capacity
  • Floor Mounted Control Panel for Flexibility
  • Precision Ring Bearing
  • Heavy Duty Chain and Sprocket Drive
  • Tower Mounted Obstacle Sensing System
  • AC/VFD Motors for Reduced Maintenance

Technical Specs:

  • Maximum Load Dimensions: 52”L x 52”W x 80”H (74″ Diagonal)
  • Film Pre-Stretch: 260%
  • Power Supply: 115V, 1ph, 60hz


  • 30” InstaThread™ Film Carriage
  • Tall Load Option
  • Large Load Options
  • Second Leg Gantry Style Frame

Orion RTD Brochure  Flex RTD Brochure