Equipment Leasing

PPI believes that in the right situation leasing can provide for the installation of new more productive and safer equipment which will reduce costs through higher productivity, lower maintenance and improved worker safety

To assist you our equipment lease calculator offers you the ability to enter various equipment amounts and time periods to see what the costs of leasing would be.

PPI Equipment Lease Calculator

Equipment Cost:


Payment Term:

Monthly Payment:


Purchase Option:


For transactions over $50,000 contact us at 800-507-4040

Stretch Payment: Purchase Option Example: ($15,000) A 36/40 month lease term means you have the option to purchase the equipment for $1,500 (10% of the original equipment cost after the 36th month). At this point you would own the equipment and would not owe the final 4 payments of $455.19. Should you choose not to exercise your option you must make your final 4 payments after which time you have three options.

  • 1) Purchase the equipment for Fair Market Value (FMV), or
  • 2) Continue leasing the equipment, or
  • 3) Return the equipment with no further obligations

FMV is “Fair Market Value” and is determined at the end of the lease term FMV represents the negotiated or understood market value

General Terms: Lease is subject to credit approval. Pre Authorized Payment Required. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

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