Polyester & Polypropylene

Polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) are two polymers commonly used to manufacture plastic strap. These two polymers have different mechanical properties which gives them very different performance characteristics. Knowing which type of strap to choose will reduce the risk of product damage and worker injury, as well as save you money.

Polypropylene, for instance, tends to creep (elongate) under tension or when placed in a hot environment. Polyester exhibits very little change in length under the same conditions. If a pallet, strapped at relatively high tension with polypropylene, sits inside a hot trailer for several hours the straps will elongate and slacken, possibly allowing the load to shift in transit. Polyester would be a far better choice for such an application.

Under-specifying your strap can be risky, over-specifying your strap costly and wasteful. If you’re unsure about what strapping is right for your application, call us at (800) 665-4040 or (905) 507-4040. We can identify the right product to meet your specific requirements.