Rotary Stretch Wrapper

Typically most stretch wrapping applications are performed using the more traditional low or high profile turn-table wrappers. But there are some applications where the traditional turn-table machines are not the right solution for the application. In these applications a rotary arm wrapper; which rotates the film carriage around a stationary load as opposed to the load being rotated on a turn-table

Why a rotary stretch wrapper may be better suited to handle your stretch wrapping application can depend on a number of different factors ranging from load size to floor space.

Reason to Use a Rotary Wrapper:

  • Load Type – Fragile and unstable loads that could fall apart when rotated on a turntable are better suited for a rotary wrapper.
  • Floor Space Configuration – If you have limited floor space a rotary wrapper may be the solution you’re looking for (rotary wrappers generally have a more compact foot print than turn-table models making them the ideal choice when floor space is at a premium).
  • Speed Requirements – If you need higher throughput speeds a rotary wrapper can offer advantages over turn-table models due to the fact loads do not need to be rotated at high speeds in order to complete the wrap cycles
  • Load Weight – With turn-table model wrappers there is a weight limit on what a turn-table can withstand, typically in the 4,000 to 6,000 lb range. With a rotary arm the only weight limit you have is the floor which the load sits on.

Orion RTA Rotary Stretch Wrapper