Spare Parts Strategy

In a large operation, downtime can be expensive. Good preventative maintenance can significantly reduce unplanned downtime but even the best cared-for equipment can breakdown. When it does, corrective maintenance (also know as breakdown maintenance) is needed. The goal of corrective maintenance is to put a poorly operating machine back into service as quickly as possible. Getting it done requires quick action from a skilled technician and the right spare parts. But what if you don’t have those spare parts on hand? If you can’t find the parts locally or there’s a long lead on delivery, your equipment could be out of action for a while.

In these situations, having a few “critical spare” parts on hand can minimize potentially costly downtime. How do you determine what’s critical?

Consider some of the following…..

1) What’s the actual cost of your downtime and how much of it you’re willing to tolerate?

  • In extreme cases, having an entire spare assembly or cartridge spare machine might make sense. If your downtime cost is significant, a single failure may justify the expense.

2) How likely is the part to fail?

  • Some parts rarely, if ever, fail. Some parts fail more often. If you’re not sure, check your maintenance history.

3) And what’s the lead time on the parts?

  • Ultimately, it’s all a matter of managing risk and cost. First understand your risks then develop a plan. View your spare
  • parts strategy the same way you would an insurance policy.

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