Hand Stretch Wrap

Whether your looking for 3″ coreless hand wrap, longer extended core wrap or the conventional size rolls of hand film, PPI has the right product for you. Our pallet wrap is of high quality and comes in a range of gauges and lengths allowing you to wrap your pallets in a timely and efficient manner.

Hand Stretch Film


PPI standard hand wrap comes in a variety of sizes and gauges to meet the needs of your particular stretch wrapping application. Used with PPI’s top of the line stretch wrap dispensers hand wrapping has never been easier and more efficient.

  • Standard Roll Lengths: 12.5″ – 18″
  • Gauges Available: High Performance 40ga, 47 ga, 65 ga, 75 ga, 80 ga
  • Also Available in Black
Extended Core Hand Wrap


No Dispenser Required! The PPI extended core hand wrapper comes equipped with 5″ extended application handles allowing you to eliminate the need for traditional hand dispensers.

The extended core’s light weight 20″ rolls make it easier to use in tight spaces and the wider film saves time and energy. Loads get wrapped quicker with fewer trips around the pallet

Bandit Hand Wrap


Reduce your waste and reduce your costs with the new PPI coreless 3″ hand wrappers. Traditional hand wrappers are currently wound onto corrugated cores, and when a roll is used up you’re left with an empty core.

Benefits of the Coreless Wrappers

  • Save on recycling and disposal cost by eliminating wrapper cores
  • Reduce your environmental impact by eliminating left over wrapper cores
  • Eliminate empty cores lying around your workplace