Systems Automation

PPI offers automation and system integration services for end-of-line packaging equipment. Whether integrating a new piece of equipment to an existing line, or designing and commissioning a fully-automated “turnkey” system, PPI has the mechanical, electrical, and control systems expertise to make it work.

Related Services:

Automation Programming:

Modern control systems incorporate many programmable devices such as PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), touch-screen HMI’s (human-machine interfaces) advances in technology have made these devices more flexible & powerful, and affordable enough to be used even on entry level machines.

Getting the most out of these devices requires programming knowledge and skill. PPI technicians have experience programming devices from various manufacturers including Allen Bradley, ABB, Siemens, Panasonic, Omron, Automation Direct, etc. They can often modify programming on existing systems and, when necessary, develop new program logic from scratch.

Equipment Retrofits & Upgrades:

We’re often asked to do equipment retrofits and upgrades to achieve one or more of the following…

  • Improve the function of a new or existing machine.
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of older equipment.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase the reliability of older machines.
  • Eliminate proprietary, obsolete, or failure-prone components which difficult or costly to maintain.
  • Improve safety with guards and interlocks.

Example: New powered pre-stretch film carriage can be retrofitted to an older stretch wrapper to provide significant benefits (film savings, safety,
parts costs, reliability, etc)

Customized Systems & Equipment:

While PPI offers many excellent “off-the-shelf” equipment solutions, there are times when the application demands something special or unique. That’s where we can modify a standard piece of equipment to match a specific application.

Guides & guards, cold weather packages, weigh scales or dimensioning systems, product counters, machine status lights/displays and warning alarms are just a few examples of non-standard items we add to customize systems.