Advanced Table-Top Strapping Machine

Precision Engineering:

The PPI TT-Series advanced table-top model strapping machine provides better control and smoother operation than a basic table-top.


  • Electronic tension control for fast, reliable tension adjustment. A benefit whenever precise, repeatable tension is required.
  • Versatile virtually unlimited package size.
  • 30% fewer parts than conventional machines make it more reliable and easier to repair.
  • Uses low-cost embossed polypropylene strap in a variety of sizes.

TT-Series Strapping Machine


TT Strapping Machine Control Panel

The electronic tension control on the TT-Series machine allows for adjustment for wider strap tension (8-45kg) that can be easily done on the front on the control panel.

TT Strapping Machine Head

The TT-Series strapping machine comes equipped with a compact mechanical strapping with 30% less moving parts than conventional machines reducing maintenance, and with no belts, chains or pulleys the TT has the quietest sealing heads.

Additional Features

  • Jog Switch
  • Weld-cooling Timer
  • Adjustable Table Height
  • Large Main Switch

Technical Specs:

  • Strap Width: 6mm – 13mm
  • Table Height: 780mm W – 950mm H
  • Net Weight: 70kg
  • Strap Tension: 8 – 45kg
  • Power Supply: 110V, 60HZ 1ph


  • Conversion Kit for Small Packages

TT-Series Brochure  TT-Series Brochure